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"Dear Marcel,
I need to express my feelings on my recent special trip to Poland and since I have returned I have had time to reflect. The whole trip was unbelievable the way you managed to organize us visiting the Stehtls we saw together with Auschwitz and Krakow. I felt a lot of trepidation when booking especially the visit to Auschwitz and whilst there my emotions see-sawed with hate and anger for perpetrators and compassion and deep sorrow for victims. Now I’m back I feel a wonderful and better person for going everything seems so trivial and unimportant, I feel calm and relaxed after all the experiences and get angry with people who call their day a nightmare when the washing machine breaks down or the cleaner does not turn up. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will remember you with fond admiration."

"Toby and I enjoyed the trip very much and we are still talking about it now. You looked after us very well with a varied and exhaustive programme over those few days. We look forward to the next one."

"You are doing an amazing mitzvah. I along with the rest on the trip would not have experienced a tour like that if it was not for you. You must keep doing them."

"Your itinerary was well planned and hardly a moment was wasted. Your efforts are appreciated and I am really glad that I joined your group for the visit."

"I enjoyed the trip and thank you for all your organisation, hard work, historical input and above all just how much fun you made it too."

"It was both a revelation and a delight, I have a deep interest in the holocaust and found the Jewish area very interesting, and distressing along with the magic of the festival. The way you facilitate such a big group with such ease to see both the atrocities and the joy of our culture have made a deep imprint, I am so pleased I went."

"I was not affected during the day in Auschwitz – Birkenau but now I’m back in the office I cannot stop crying I am walking round the local park deep in thought. Thank you for allowing me on your trip."

"I struggled to do anything after such a week-end. The time in Birkenau made a great impact, I don’t need to come back to see it again and it is perpetually ingrained in my mind, I would recommend everyone Jew or not to make this marvellous trip. It will live with you forever."